Seacock on Maxi 95/100

From: Thorsten Behrmann, e-mail:
Date: 06-02-2011

Ours is a maxi 100. We have to replace the seacock for the sink unit under the pantry. It is far in the tight socket under the cooker, and I can`t find an access to work at this seacock. Hopefully there is somebody, who resolved this problem at his or her maxi 100 or maxi 95.

I would be glad, if there were anybody, who could answer me.

Best regards
Thorsten Behrmann

From: Svein, e-mail:
Date: 17-03-2011

I’m using sea cocks from in the tight spaces (head and galley). They are installed with a marine plywood backing plate. The handle may have to be shortened a little which is not difficult. Hardware quality is very good.

Regards, Svein99

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