Cylinder head removal on MD11c

From: Clifford Kirk-Smith [], e-mail:
Date: 16-12-2001 (M95 newsgroup)

Dear Group,

I am trying to remove the cylinder head from my Volvo MD11c diesel in MAXI 95 No.805. I have a problem.

The arrows show the oil feeds. The cylinder head is now loose but I cannot remove it because the oil feeds are curved and stop it from lifting. I’d be very grateful if anyone could tell me how to remove the cylinder head.

Yours in hope,

Clifford Kirk-Smith

From: G.B. Mitchell, e-mail:
Date: 17-12-2001 (M95 newsgroup)

Had the same problem with my MD11C. The best way is just to simply bend the oilers up to clear the head.

They bend back without any problem.


Greg Mitchell

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