MAXI95 underwatership

From:  Jürgen Ostrowitzki, e-mail:
Date: 03-03-2002


we are interest to buy a MAXI95. Do you know if the underwatership has some places which are susceptible for OSMOSE.

If a boat is some years in the water in areas like Greece, do you think this is a problem for the underwatership of MAXI 95 ?

An answer will be highly appreciated.

Best regards Juergen

From: Bjarke, e-mail:
Date: 04-03-2002

Hi Jurgen,

In general the Maxi's from the seventies are not very susceptible for osmosis. At least I've never heard of any 95 owner that had problems with osmosis. Other readers, please correct me if I'm wrong.

I would be more worried about the wear down if it's a charter boat.


From: Lars Thomsen, e-mail:
Date: 25-04-2006

Maxi 95 is "sprayed" not hand laid meaning that the glass has no particular direction and order. This construction is less liable to develop osmoses because the lack of any micro-channelling effect.

Lars Thomsen

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